The first meeting is for free! To the prices


  • Walk the dog alone in your area (30-60 min)
  • Walk in a group (at least 60 min)
  • Sport and games
  • Pick up to the vet
  • Cutting the claws/grooming


  • Feeding them (1-2 times per day)
  • Playing with them
  • Pick up to the vet
  • Grooming
  • cleaning the cat-toilet

Other pets

  • Feeding them (1-2 times per day)
  • Cleaning their environment
  • keeping them busy

Other services

  • Giving meds to the pets
  • Checking if they have any illness (I don’t do any diagnosis! Only a vet is allowed to do diagnosis!)
  • Removing ticks


  • Taking individual pictures
  • Taking a portrait


If you have any other wishes which are not listed then just ask us!