About me

Seven und ich

Seven would like to be a lap-dog

A conscientious pet owner wants to know who is taking care of his pet in case he books me. Pets are family members and nobody wants to know his children in the hands of somebody who doesn’t take care of them in a lovely and nice way. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about me.

I grew up far away from big cities with many animals. As a 10 year old kid I already took responsibility for spiny mice. So I started with the smallest kind of mammalian and the size of my pets started to grow with me. With 14 years my family adopted a dog. It was a Rhodesian Ridgback mix. His name was Dingo and he was my friend. I will never forget him! He had a big impact on my life. Same his cat-friend Susi had. I started to realize how sensitive animals can be.
I also studied the wildlife in Germany. I studied: Mice, spiders, amphibians, reptiles and birds. I learned how important it is to watch the animals very closely to understand their needs. My connections to them started to grow stronger so that the line in my head which separated humans and animals started to disappear. I understood that animals are capable of suffering as we are. They all have individual needs like we do. Sometimes they even have the same needs.

In my free time I started to stand up for animal rights pretty soon. I organized information spots in the city or demonstrations. I wanted to give my friends a voice because they can’t speak for them self. Animals have the smallest lobby even tough millions of them get slaughtered and mistreated every year. And I’m only speaking from Germany…They are born to die and that’s not fair.
But I don’t want to put all this bad things in this text. So I will continue with my story…


Barney tries to steal my carrot!

After I finished on High School (German: Abitur) I volunteered for 1 year at Deutsches Rotes Kreuz. I drove an ambulance and learned a lot about human illness and the underestimated meaning of being healthy. So after this year my plan was to study social work and I wrote several applications to the universities. At the same time I started to volunteer at Hof Butenland. It’s a sanctuary between Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. Actually it is in the middle of nowhere. I really started to love this job there and after 12 months I could start an education to an animal care attendant. I wanted to have more knowledge which was supposed to help me taking care of the different kinds of animals.
So I stayed for more than 3 years at the sanctuary and successfully finished the education.
The time on Hof Butenland was a very beautiful one  even though it was also very hard sometimes. Living on a sanctuary means that you can’t separate work from life like you usually do. You are at your workplace for 24/7 but I kind of liked it because all the time I spend for work was for my furry friends.  Finally I had the chance to give something back to all the animals who suffered so much. Almoste every being on Hof Butenland has been rescued from factory farms.  Many pictures you can find here on my page have been taken at this beautiful place.

2013 I wanted to open a new chapter and moved back to South Germany (Stuttgart) where I started to work as a cook at Coox and Candy. The first vegan restaurant in Stuttgart. At the restaurant my job also had an important sense for me. I made cruelty free food to show people that it is possible to have a tasty dinner without harming anyone.
But I missed my work outside in the nature with animals very much. Sometimes I took care of the dog of my flatmate when she was busy or away. I was thinking about that maybe more busy people in Stuttgart have this time problem and they don’t have anybody who looks out for their pets. The idea of creating a reliable pet service for them was born!

As a certified animal care attendant I have more abilities for just being a dog walker. And many pets don’t have such a good life. Not because all pet owners are bad people but many of them just don’t have the information they need to create a beautiful environment for their pets. For example they don’t know that a bunny doesn’t feel well if he/she has no bunny-friends or has to live in a cage. A bunny also get’s sick when he/she gets grain feed. It is mostly missing knowledge which causes that our little friends sometimes have a dark or short life. With my project I want to bring relieve to my busy clients and some knowledge to create a better situation for everyone.


Live and let live

Maybe you already checked out my Portfolio. Besides caring of my clients pets I also love photography. Animals are the most beautiful photo subjects to me. In their eyes you can see other worlds. Worlds we cannot see by ourselves. With photography I can enjoy my creativity and at the same time I can save some beautiful memories for my clients. Right now there is only one method to print the pictures in a vegan. The print on canvas. Any other method contains gelatine which is used on the photo-paper. If you have any other idea to print my photos in a fair way then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

When I started to work as Fellnasenfreund I had a second job to make my living. Since October 2015 this job is my only income and I am looking forward to meet many new furry friends.